Who Can Order?
AMA Members and the local community may order from the Dine & Delight Curbside/To-Go service. Alcoholic beverages can only be purchased for those age 21+ and must be transported in the trunk of your vehicle.

When Is Dine & Delight Available?
The curbside/to-go menu is available for pick-up Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday beginning June 17th. There is no service on Monday or Tuesday.

What Is Available To Order Curbside/To-Go?
Every week, a new delicious line-up of special daily entrées [Wed-Sun] will be available to order in addition to side items, grocery boxes, and beverages.

When Can I Order?
  1. You may order any day of the week.
  2. Entreés can only be picked up on their set day of the week.
  3. All other items can be picked up the next day (so long as the order is placed prior to 4pm PST), or any other day of the week.
How Do I Pick Up My Order?
Once you’ve completed your order the day before your pick-up date, you will receive a confirmation e-mail to the address you provide upon purchase [please make sure that your e-mail address is correct prior to payment]. Then on your pickup day, drive to the club [7001 Franklin Ave. 90028] arriving between the pickup time hours you selected during checkout. [Make sure to bring your smartphone with you]. Follow the drive-up path from North Sycamore Avenue [pictured below] to the pick-up point on the south side of our building, and tap the red "Tap When You Arrive" button on your confirmation e-mail. One of our friendly staff will emerge with your tasty treats and deliver them through your open window, or into your trunk for a fast, safe, and contact-less transaction. Then go home and enjoy!

Can I Modify My Order?
Please indicate any modifiers or dietary restrictions to your order in the notes section. Our kitchen team will do their best to accommodate your requests. Feel free to follow-up with togo@magiccastle.com with any allergies especially!

Will There Be Any Vegan/Vegetarian Options?
Yes! Similar to when regularly enjoying the club’s Dining Room, there will be one weekly vegan/vegetarian special offered.

Can I Enjoy My Meal On Property?
While you will not have access to the inside of the club, you are welcome to enjoy your Dine & Delight down in our lower parking lot if you choose. Garbage cans will be set-up for your waste items. Please keep your social distance (6’+) with any other members who have the same idea. Please do not linger past your dining experience. And, PLEASE, do NOT drink and drive!

Can I Order Items From The Gift Shop?
Currently we don't have the Dine & Delight site integrated with the Gift Shop. If we decide to integrate the two together in the future, we will certainly let you know!

What Is A “Grocery Box?”
Feel like conjuring up your own magical feast? Then the Grocery Box is for you! Our Executive Chef Alex Arrieta will assemble for you a hearty cornucopia of fresh, delicious items for you to cook up your own banquet. Choose between the Houdini Box or the Blackstone Box!

Why Am I Not Receiving The Flash Paper E-mails Advertising “Dine & Delight?”
The AMA is broadcasting information regarding the Dine & Delight program to resident members who live within 30-miles of the club via Flash Paper e-mail. However, all members are welcome to order from the curbside program from the official website https://togo.magiccastle.com. Details will also be posted to the AMA Members Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/themagiccastle.

Is The Club Open?
The Magic Castle® clubhouse is not open at this time. Members will not have access to the inside of the building. We look forward to reopening the club and welcoming you back inside soon!

Who Do I Contact With Questions?
E-mail togo@magiccastle.com with any questions you may have.

Who Do I Contact If I’m Having Issues Placing My Order?
E-mail togo@magiccastle.com with any issues you may experience with placing your order.